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Who are Genius People ?

Genius People are an accredited SQA Centre and deliver both vocational qualifications, and bespoke training solutions.

Genius People has a diverse knowledge of what it takes to deliver success across a wide variety of disciplines, clients and industry sectors. Genius People use this experience to identify, design and deliver development and support packages for candidates to ensure they are equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge for an employers needs.

The in-depth training and cross sector knowledge and experience enables us to create innovative programmes which combine vocational qualifications and support training programmes to, not only, increase organisational performance but also supports employers in the development and retention of staff.

Qualifications Offered by Genius People:

Level 2 Providing Financial Services
Level 3 providing Financial Services
Level 3 Customer Service
Level 3 Management
Level 3 IT Professionals
Level 3 Business administration
Level 3 Facilities Management

Genius People offer Qualifications to some of the biggest to the smallest employers all over Scotland.