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customer stories

Financial Pensions Provider

Unhappy with the limited contract options and 1024 bit certificates they were getting from their previous Managed SSL provider,
Our financial services client chose Geniusfor more flexibility, stronger certificates, and faster issuance.

Sporting Services Retailer

Our client, a leading sporting retailer firm, wanted to replace their existing, cumbersome workflow with a solution to quickly and easily produce secure, signed PDFs that would comply with digital signature regulations.

Educational Software Provider

Our software service client switched to Genius because they needed a simple, easy to use solution for managing their high volume
of SSL Certificates that would offer great value without sacrificing security.

Local Government 

Our client switched to Genius due to our client management philosophy and service mentality. The client had used many sources of provider. Genius’ single support service and ability to provide any type of certificate from any vendor was a major attraction and cost saving.