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Retail Solutions – Turn your visitors into your customers

Retail customers want to see visible proof of security when shopping online.

Give them the confidence they need to buy with the security provider chosen by more of the web sites than any other. Show your customers that you care about their security.

Our recommended SSL delivers 256-bit encryption and reputable third-party business identity authentication plus a recognizable and credible security trustmark.Get your SSL with EV and impress your customers when their address bar turns green in high-security browsers.

Education Solutions

Easily secure your online services and stay on budget

From admissions to financial aid to student services, almost every aspect of education is now online.

Most educational institutions now need to secure a broad array of communications, transactions and other online services. Get the range of SSL you need for your institution from the SSL brand universities choose.ducational institutions choose Genius

Genius services enable encryption and digital signing for thousands of educational institutions worldwide.

Why? Because education customers get great products that are easy to manage at discount prices. Our educational solutions feature educational discounts on all products and a dedicated account representative.

Financial Services Solutions

Protect your institution and your customers

Today you probably offer your customers 24/7 access to their accounts and any number of automated on-demand services. Your organization and your customers share critically sensitive information over the internet.

Whether it is phishing, identity theft or other online schemes, criminals are specifically targeting you and your customers. According to expert opinion, 74% of the brands used in phishing campaigns in 2009 were in the financial industry.

Trusted and secure online transactions. Protect your institution’s reputation and your customer’s sensitive data with 256-bit encryption and strong organization identity validation. Enterprise SSL is easy to manage and cost-effective.

Demonstrate to your customers that you care about their security by getting your SSL from a credible, reputable security company.

Healthcare Solutions

Control costs with secure online services.

Your industry faces unique challenges. You are under heavy requirements to control costs and meet health regulation while at the same time delivering superior patient care in an increasingly competitive market.

Online systems can help you deliver quality care and operational efficiencies but they come with a strong security requirement.
Convenient, protected information access.

Enterprise SSL can help you secure all your highly sensitive online communications and stay within your budget.

Visible web site authentication and 256-bit encryption in an easy to manage certificate will help you meet your business goals and regulatory obligations while at the same time giving your patients and partners the confidence to share information with you online.

Genius support many client in healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, payers and processors.

Government Solutions

Citizen safety, security and satisfaction.

Government agencies at local, state, and national levels have found that the digital exchange of information and web-based applications allow unprecedented access to government services. Automated and online exchange of digital information helps reduce costs, streamline services, and comply with e-government regulations.

However, agencies must continue to comply with privacy regulations and protect highly sensitive information with secure online access to government services.

Security for online and self-service. Genius SSL solutions helps enable secure online access for government agencies and protect highly sensitive information. Agencies have the protection they need to automate business processes and maintain compliance with regulatory standards.