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Genius Internet Security are part of the GeniusPPT group of companies.geniusisdimsslltool

Genius Internet Security are part of the Genius PPT group of companies. Genius Internet Security (GIS) are primarily an SSL service provider.  We work closely with some of the world’s biggest financial institutions, retailers, universities, public bodies and  local authorities. Our approach is different from most SSL provider: we provide an optional free of charge managed service, where we carry out 95% of the SSL process. Genius add value to this product and service offering by offering this element of support, we look after our clients SSL certificates and enable them to focus on running their business.

Organizations who have a web presence, rely on cryptographic keys and certificates to establish trust for countless business activities from online payments to cloud services. However, the very trust that keys and certificates establish has become a source of attack. When organizations place their trust on keys and certificates, cyber-criminals can turn compromised protection against them. A major issue is that organizations often have limited visibility into their vulnerabilities and a limited ability to respond to breaches. Criminals are able to successfully steal their data while remaining undetected for months, even years. These key and certificate vulnerabilities lead to significant security risks that demand immediate action.

Genius IS has a software tool DIMS, which identifies key and certificate vulnerabilities, enforces enterprise policies, and detects anomalies with ongoing monitoring. By deploying this software, enterprises take the first step in securing and protecting cryptographic keys and digital certificates: establishing a well-regulated and visible state in which anomalies can be easily detected.